Cairns Leadlighting – Delmae Davis

CockatooCairns leadlighting specialist. Enhance your home with colour and light, by adding a unique leadlighting creation designed, crafted and installed by Del’s Designs.

Del’s Designs create truly stunning leadlight creations tailored to suit windows, doors, mirrors and furniture. Designs are individually crafted to suit the clients design, preferences and colour scheme, from traditional geometric patterns to lush rainforest scenes and vibrant reef patterns.

Leadlight has been a popular design feature for over one thousand years. Its origins reach back to the Roman and Byzantine windows, with the leadlight features admitting colourful light into dark buildings, whilst keeping the weather out.

DoorLeadlight windows were a common feature in houses and cottages in the late 1800s and early 1900s and make a timeless, elegant and classic addition to homes in the 21st century. As Cairns’ leadlight specialist, Del’s Designs offer personalised service, free quotes and very competitive pricing.

Cairns leadlighting services include unique mirrors, door and window panels and feature segments to enhance buffets and side tables. All Cairns leadlighting is individually designed by Delmae Davis and hand-crafted to suit its application and position.

  • Mirrors, doors and windows
  • No job too small
  • Delivery and installation
  • Unique individual designs – hand crafted work
  • Repairs and Removals
  • Friendly personal service
  • Free Quotes
  • Competitive Pricing